Mongolian Wedding – On the of November 06, 2018 we headed central Mongolia morning

Mongolian Wedding – On the of November 06, 2018 we headed central Mongolia morning

A heart of nomadic tradition and heritage to witness authentic Mongolian old-fashioned wedding.

Driving on asphalt road that is paved endless steppe and pointy hills we finally found its way to Arvaiheer from where bumpy road led us to a Uyanga village surrounded by hill with alpine lakes.

After hrs of driving, finally we arrived our host family members whom offered us yak milk tea and noodle soup. It absolutely was starry night as you can marvel at but cold temperatures ended up being discouraging.

The day that is next got up early to obtain dressed and seat on horse. We dressed traditional costume that is mongolian with sheep epidermis inside for wintertime.

I became excited as other people to see parent that is bridegroom’s start to see the wedding planning and place. Our set of wanderers had been exceptional cyclists even as we had gallops that are enjoyable.

We’re able to view a audience of men and women and some motor automobiles from distance where wedding planning had been using someplace.

In the front of Buddhist altars

Maneuvering to bridegroom’s household

As approaching, the largest Ger (Mongolian old-fashioned household) ended up being the most recent and others and ended up being apparent to be a location spot. We had been welcomed to your Ger where their daddy and loved ones had been discussing about tonight’s ceremony.

In accordance with the wedding customized, representatives from bridegroom side will look at the bride’s house to dress her with costume served by bridegroom’s parents and bring her with possessions as she will live beside the parents-in-law. A small grouping of 30 people planned to go out of at night as visit to bride’s house takes three hours on horse in addition they shall get back by 11 a.m. Next morning to start out the marriage.

Following a feast on intestines (a unique meal offered to honored guests) Bataa, bride’s aunt provided us a trip through wedding place and understanding of the marriage.

Your family ordered a Ger with furniture for an expense of around 3000 USD in Uyanga city; popular for woodcraft. In addition, they put up a dining dining table with wholly prepared mutton, pastries, liquor beverages, and fruits also several types of drinks including mare’s milk, home-made vodkas and vodka. The marriage planning took them about little while.

After the check out, we continued our trip up to an alpine that is beautiful called Shireet, developed by volcanic eruption an incredible number of years back. The Lake Shireet is just a major tourist attraction; element of Unesco registered web site and a national park preserving eco system in the long run of Khangai hill range.

Moving the pond bride’s house shall be located in just one of the valleys. Steep slope test towards the pond seemed challenging for almost any style of car they bring the bride on horse so it makes sense why. It really is time for anyone representatives going bride’s house while we make our method to a bunch family members for overnight stay.

Today is November 8, a birthday of Chinggis khan who is our millennial frontrunner and day that is ceremonial lunar calendar additionally the marriage time. A woman with blue apparel and white hat on white horse ended up being our attraction.

Giidmaa is a bride and mom of per year twin that is old had been carried in apparel of guy on horse. Mongolian wedding party has begun with inviting the marriage few and eldest visitors walking on a experienced rug.

We sat on seat and ground. A monk from town that is nearest began Buddhist ceremony to bless the few and visitors. Following the ceremony, Giidmaa lightened the kitchen kitchen stove and offered meals to the god of fire that will be a part that is crucial of wedding service.

Mongolians have confidence in god of fire that stays into the kitchen stove destination and symbolizes wind horse of guy which will be studied care by the wife. Appropriately, the kitchen stove is an initial thing to create in to the Ger after built and lightened to make sure chance. A really frequently jordanian dating site Mongolians offer the dinner first into the god of fire in stove after which a guy.

Giidmaa prepared the very first milk tea

The moment lighten the kitchen stove, Giidmaa prepared the very first milk tea that had been wanted to visitors. Father-in legislation complimented Giidmaa as to how tasty the tea had been.

Finally Giidmaa blessed the kitchen stove with incense written by the monk to make certain clean wind horse when it comes to family members. Meanwhile we enjoyed old-fashioned dumpling soup and meat pie that is deep-fried.

As soon as they exchanged marriage rings had been start of the ceremony. A hundred or so visitors welcomed this Yurt in many changes. It had been cozy inside the Ger but visitors performed songs that are beautiful.

We wished the very best to the few and left the Ger with great connection with old-fashioned wedding and customized. The valley we traveled had been a true house of hospitable nomads and yak herders.

Immediately after a they will prepare for harsh winter week. They’re going to slaughter sheep, horse and cow for meat and get hay because of their herds.

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