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at faculty, community center, library, or even any bookstore. However, when writing help, you need to take into account several factors. The first is skill level and your time. There are lots of options when it comes essay helper to aid for writing, such as services or obtaining a seasoned practitioner to write the help for you. There are many different tools but you need to make sure that you take time before becoming stuck in a project to do this.


SAP Application Management Services

Microsys is your certified, trusted partner for enterprise application services across your entire SAP portfolio. Our SAP Basis Managed Services reduce administrative burden and allow your staff to focus on strategic business goals. Whether you need complete outsourcing for your SAP environment, short-term coverage for staff on vacation, or access to a certified SAP Basis Managed Services consultant for fast issue resolution, we can help. We provide Basis Managed Services tailored to your requirements. Our managed services provide the proactive monitoring, system maintenance, customized reporting and 24/7 support needed to ensure your SAP environment is stable, secure and performing optimally.

  • Provide 24/7 support for SAP production environment
  • Troubleshooting and break-fi actions for Basis issues
  • Daily or weekly proactive system monitoring covering system health, database backup, storage capacity, background jobs, and performance
  • Analyze and report alerts gathered by SAP Early Watch Report and providing recommendations to resolve those alerts
  • Import transport requests based on customer’s change management policy, ensures configuration and development objects are transported properly
  • Perform copy client and export/import as required to refresh client in non-production system with latest data from the production system
  • Perform Homogeneous System Copy to target server provided by the customer
  • Application of OSS notes, kernel updates, database patches, and support package stacks to SAP systems using structured methodology
  • SAP System Monitoring on a Daily or Weekly Basis
  • Early Watch Report Review On Weekly Basis
  • New SAP Patch Release Notification
  • Database Backup and Capacity Monitoring
SAP Basis

Our SAP certified consultants perform SAP Basis implementations while deploying best practices developed over years of experience. Our SAP Basis experience and analytical skills sets us apart from the competition. Our service portfolio comprises all aspects of SAP Basis Operation: from planning and consulting services, monitoring of SAP systems in our customers’ data centers, dedicated operation tasks, vacation and sickness covers, to full outsourcing scenarios. Our Basis consultants can also support you in complex migration projects including platform changes, outsourcing and business transformation processes. Get stringent SLA’s for uptime and services so that your mission critical SAP has predictable performance and availability.


SAP Basis Implementation Services:

  • SAP System Sizing
  • SAP System Landscape Planning and Design
  • Install and Configure SAP Suite of Products
  • SAP System Copy & OS/DB Migration
  • SAP Security Consulting
  • SAP System Relocation

SAP Basis Upgrade Services:

  • SAP Release Upgrade & Unicode Conversion
  • Database Upgrade
  • Enhance Package & Kernel Patch Upgrade
  • SAP Notes Application

SAP Basis Managed Services:

  • SAP System Monitoring On a Daily or Weekly Basis
  • Early Watch Report Review On Weekly Basis
  • New SAP Patch Release Notification
  • Database BackUp and Capacity Monitoring

Basis and HANA Managed Services :

  • Basis Consulting
  • Basis Upgrade
  • Basis Implementation
  • Basis Managed Services
  • Basis and HANA Managed Services
  • SAP OS/DB Migration
Excellence in SAP Technical Projects
Are you looking for ways to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your SAP system? Have you lost a key staff member that was the sole knowledge base for your current SAP Landscape & Operating System? Are you paying high prices for database consulting? MICROSYS Technologies can deliver strategies that can help you lower your TCO.
SAP Implementations

Specific areas of expertise of the SAP platform include:

-SAP S/4HANA is the next generation in business suite software. Looking for a simpler way – SAP has re-designed the architecture for current day business needs. Built on the SAP HANA in-memory platform, S/4HANA redefines what is expected from a truly real-time business suite.
-SAP S/4HANA delivers on today’s business challenges – dealing with enormous amounts of data and how to make sense of it quickly (customer adoption, data models, user experience, decision making, business processes and models) and work to add value quickly through Internet of Things, Big Data, business networks and mobile-first.

Simple Finance
-S/4HANA Finance is a comprehensive Finance solution built to accommodate the accounting requirements of organizations large and small. The solution packages the general ledger with P&L and Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Asset and Project Accounting, Budgeting and Forecasting and real-time operational reporting.
-With MICROSYS Technologies, you get a S/4HANA Finance roadmap which will scale and support your growth as your business evolves.

-SAP Fiori is the new mobile user experience (UX) for SAP.
-Fiori uses a modern, consumer-grade design for a dramatically improved and mobile UX. SAP is now simple, and available on all mobile devices.
-With SAP Fiori and Fiori Apps, SAP has become a consumer-grade experience. Complex dynpro screens have been replaced with a simple and clean design.
-Tap into our expertise and build your path to the analytics revolution by moving to SAP HANA®

SAP Cloud : SAP Business ByDesign


Tap into our expertise and build your path to the analytics revolution by moving to SAP HANA

The road to SAP S/4HANA
If you want to maximize the benefit of SAP, the roadmap to get from where you are now to where you need to go will vary according to different business and IT drivers. There are many options, and our SAP specialists can help you identify the business benefits and plan your journey accordingly
. There are three different implementation scenarios for how a customer can move to SAP S/4HANA on-premise:

System Conversion
Existing SAP Business Suite users who want to move to SAP S/4HANA

Landscape Transformation
Existing SAP Business Suite users who want to optimize their system landscape and move to SAP S/4HANA

New Implementation
New SAP users who want to move from legacy systems to SAP
We can help your enterprise implement and migrate to S/4HANA using SAP best practices. This includes predefined and guided configurations to set up the future target system much more quickly than traditional implementation processes.

HANA Services
SAP HANA Implementation
SAP HANA Hosting
SAP HANA Managed Services
SAP HANA Licensing
SAP HANA Upgrade

MICROSYS Technologies ERP hosting benefits

MICROSYS Technologies ERP hosting benefits:

  • Dedicated, SAP focus
  • Single point-of-contact for your SAP systems infrastructure
  • 25% lower TCO than in-house solution
  • Maximized performance for systems and applications
  • Ability to scale up or down, as needed

Additional SAP Hosting Options:

  • Redundant infrastructure
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Non-SAP system

Team training on SAP system management


Microsys Technologies are designed for your SAP ECC application to reach its full potential.

SAP ECC Consulting
SAP ECC Implementation Services
SAP ERP / ECC Upgrade

Project Systems (PS)
Customer Service (CS)
Materials Management (MM)
Plant Maintenance (PM)
Production Planning (PP)
Quality Management (QM)
Sales & Distribution (S&D)
Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC)
Cloud-based SAP


Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) enterprise performance management solutions in a full-service, subscription model.
Turnkey management, including SAP hosting, technical & functional support.
Migrate in 30 days with 50% TCO savings.
Ask us how!

Unlike any other provider,  Microsys is engineered for running, protecting and helping you realize the full value of your SAP® Business Planning & Consolidation application investment. We are an SAP BPC Certified provider with over 15 years of experience implementing, hosting, and managing SAP BPC applications.


Our team of BPC experts have implemented SAP BPC solutions for many companies across industries. Our certified SAP professionals help companies to define and develop processes and solutions within the SAP BPC tool. Our team’s accomplishments include:

SAP BPC Implementations on both SAP Netweaver & Microsoft

-Legal Consolidation, Ownership Management, Currency Translation, Eliminations & IRS
-Developing Forecasting & Planning Models, Input Templates for Assumptions, Drivers & Planning
-Business Planning Flow, Approval, Monitoring, Version Tracking and Security
-Operational and Management Reports & Dashboards
Extensive Data Integration to SAP ERP and Other External Systems

-Executives, managers, shareholders and regulatory agencies around the world are challenging organizations to streamline processes and improve technology to enable better decision making based on financial and operational planning.

Our delivery of world-class SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) software solutions enables our clients to respond to these demands on a global scale and transform their current processes to collect, analyze, consolidate, report, and forecast the data that drives mission-critical decisions. SAP BPC provides a unified planning and consolidation platform on which an organization can perform business planning and forecasting with cost, revenue and operational drivers, assumptions, scenario planning and historical trends. The centralized platform allows for greater collaboration among the different business units and functions within your organization, reduces budget cycle time and improves compliance with organizational and audit controls.


Microsys knows that SAP ABAP is core to your SAP program code, customizations and integrations.

Our team of SAP ABAP experts follow a structured System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) that incorporates SAP requirements and best practices for IT management to ensure executable and non-executable code meets development standards.

Compass – Provide an estimation of the effort to size up the project scope.

Business Blueprint – Understand and work out the detail logic for the development design.

Realization – Transform the detail logic into programs.

Final Preparation – Support users and fine-tune the codes and logic to iron out the exceptions.

Go-Live & Support – Optimize the codes to improve performance.


When building program code, Microsys SAP ABAP developers make extensive use of the SAP ABAP workbench to maximize SAP functionality and development compliant code:

SAP ABAP Editor- writing and editing reports, module pools, and subroutine pools

SAP ABAP Dictionary – processing database table definitions and retrieving global types

Menu Painter – designing the user interfaces

Screen Painter – designing screens and flow logic

Function Builder – function modules

Class Builder – SAP ABAP Objects classes and interfaces


ORACLE Database Consulting

  • Do you want your organization to be as efficient and effective as possible? Of course you do! You can help your organization reach new levels in performance with DBA DIRECT’s database consulting services. Our services will show you how to foster a more effective, more reliable database environment, which will lead to a stronger, more successful organization or enterprise overall. With the help of a proven database consultancy like DBA DIRECT, you can properly manage and utilize your data to provide you with the type of business intelligence the world’s most successful corporation’s leverage to guide their own operations. And we would know, since we’ve worked with them ourselves.

DBA DIRECT’s Database consulting services you can take advantage of are:

  • Everyday enterprises end up creating volumes of data in the form of invoices, customer details, financial information, regulatory filings, email communication, etc. As such, their databases experience push and pull actions from every stakeholder. Business users often find themselves struggling while performing tasks like storing, retrieving and sharing data. This hampers business performance, and employee productivity, especially when it is a customer-facing business process, thus leading to service delays and dissatisfaction. Managing databases for business effectiveness cannot be more stressed. Microsys Database Management Services (DBMS) assures a 24×7 availability of your database systems.
  • Monitoring
  • Health Checks & Audits
  • Automation
  • Performance Query Tuning
  • Disaster Planning
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Upgrades and Patching
  • Capacity management
  • Disaster Management
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Database Engineering services
  • Performance optimization
  • Migrations & Remediation

Microsys Advantage

  • Assured SLA governed 24×7 support
  • Flexible Service delivery options
  • Flexible coverage options
  • Multi skilled pool to minimize individual dependency
  • Higher ROI when compared to using internal DBAs.
  • On-demand DBA resource availability
  • Quicker response time and problem rectification
  • Access to specialist methods of support & service
  • Performance Analysis—learn how our direct CHECK Performance Analysis process helps you evaluate the health of your database
  • Database Optimization—learn how we’ll use targeted recommendations from direct CHECK to fix, enhance, and improve the performance of your database

Managed Infrastructure Services

Agile IT infrastructure

  • Is your IT infrastructure as agile as your business needs it to be? Are you spending too much time reacting to problems rather than focusing on the future?MICROSYS Technologies’ s Managed Infrastructure Services cut costs and boost efficiency through technological innovation and a focus on high-quality service design. All along the way, these services follow MICROSYS Technologies’s lean principals, green environmental best practices and industrialized approach to technical design.

    By combining MICROSYS Technologies’ s unique approach to Lean methods and benefits realization, we are able to build a road map with you to optimize IT infrastructure, operations and premises. Then we link this roadmap to clearly defined business benefits that can be tracked throughout the life of the contract.

    We consolidate, standardize, automate and virtualize systems utilizing appropriate cloud services and customer-owned IT to create and deliver efficient, low-cost, flexible IT around the world.

Managed Infrastructure Services include:

  • Data Center Services
  • End User Services
  • Network and Communication Services
  • Technical and Maintenance Services
  • Service Desk

Why choose MICROSYS Technologies for managed infrastructure services?

  • MICROSYS Technologies’s global reach enables us to deliver IT services around the world and is underpinned by one of the largest global IT infrastructures.
  • We manage infrastructure for customers around the world and provide the assurance that, with MICROSYS Technologies, their IT operations can receive the attention to service quality consistency and security they require, where ever they might be located.
  • MICROSYS Technologies’s pedigree and global partnerships ensures that we retain leading edge innovative services to support your organization’s unique and complex IT challenges.

Information Technology Audit and Compliance Services

A well-planned, properly structured information technology (IT) audit program is essential to evaluate risk management practices, internal control systems, and compliance with regulations and corporate policies. Our IT audit and compliance practice helps ensure that your organization is risk-focused, promotes sound IT controls, ensures the timely resolution of audit deficiencies, and informs the board of directors of the effectiveness of risk management practices. We recognize that this is often difficult to perform internally as organizations must plan, manage and monitor rapidly changing technologies to enable it to deliver and support new products, services, and delivery channels to remain competitive in their marketplace. However, this rate of change, and the resulting increased reliance on technology, makes the inclusion of IT audit coverage essential to an effective organization.

Schneider Downs’ IT audit and compliance professionals help organizations gain valuable insights into their processes and technologies. Our dedicated IT audit and compliance professionals have experience working with a wide variety of industries and companies of all sizes. We will  partner with you to provide comprehensive IT audits and compliance reviews that will ensure your organization has effective and efficient technology controls that better align the technology function with their business and risk strategies.

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